By the numbers



of text messages are read within 1 minute of delivery


of respondents would switch to a company that offered text messaging as a communication channel


of consumers say text messages are the fastest way to reach them


of respondents find it helpful to receive texts for appointment reminders

Effective Text-Based Solutions

Send It By Text (SIBT) is fast, convenient, and scalable text-based communication software that can be fully integrated via API with your CRM platform. It’s great for:

  • Signing Contracts
  • Sending Documents
  • Setting Appointments
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Drip Messaging
  • Customer Outreach
  • Client Communications
  • Marketing Campaigns

Communicate with clients whenever and wherever

This distinct advantage enables your company to provide a superior client experience over email and voicemail. With SIBT, your company benefits from faster messaging, better prospect penetration, smoother onboarding processes and seamless client interactions.

Engage with the next generation of customers

Millennials and Gen Z are the largest generations in the workforce, and their preferred method of communication is TEXT. And for good reason – it’s quick and easy! It’s simply logical to engage with your customers via the channel they prefer.

Improve business efficiency and productivity

SIBT offers a unique suite of business texting products that remove the operational friction in your sales and communication processes, such as waiting on clients to confirm appointments or sign documents. With SIBT, you can recapture the lost productivity that comes from clients simply not seeing your messages timely.

Intergrates seamlessly with your CRM

Innovative solutions that enhance the user experience

SIBT offers an innovative suite of text-based solutions for the four areas most companies experience operational friction. These products are not found together in any other software or CRM, and you choose only what you need. Best of all, they effortlessly integrate into your software platform via API.


Documents get signed and returned faster

  • Sign documents by text (or email) using a signing protocol
  • Save frequently used Document templates
  • Enables one-click signing for complex documents
  • Send reminders via text for documents not executed right away
  • Add multiple signers to a single document
  • Send documents for signature right from your mobile phone


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Messages get read and returned faster

  • Text from your existing landline business phone numbers
  • Create and select pre-composed messages with personalization
  • Schedule texts with repeat frequencies
  • Message through a Virtual Private Phone Number (VPN)
  • Deliver a text message to any contact with an email address
  • Send and receive images and PDFs via text


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Appointments are set and acknowledged faster

  • Send Text based appointment reminders
  • Calendar sync with the most popular calendar platforms
  • Appointment verifications and confirmations
  • Add/Invite multiple people to multi-person appointments via text or email
  • Add 3rd Party Vendors to appointments
  • Send pre-composed appointment reminders, subjects and notes


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Effective automated messaging

  • Send interval spaced messages to large groups with DripText
  • Trigger messages via text or email by status, group, and date created
  • Automate follow-up to prospects from an advertising campaign
  • Use ClientTouch to send custom birthday and holiday greeting cards
  • Use Client Reengagement Messages to reconnect with inactive customers
  • Send relevant messages to a pre-filtered group of contacts with Group Texts


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See what others are saying about Send It By Text...

“Since using Send It By Text, we have seen a major difference in our success rate at reaching candidates and getting call-backs. This technology allows our recruiters to build relationships without sharing their personal cell phone numbers, and it allows the leadership team to track productivity. Our recruiters have an edge over competitors by being able to speak to and source more candidates, which has dramatically increased productivity.“

Carrie Charles
CEO Broadstaff

"Send It By Text has been a game changer in how we interact with our clients. From the robust functions it offers, and the simplicity of user interaction, it takes our efficiencies as a business to another level! If you’re serious about moving your business forward, and touching clients on an ongoing basis is important to you, look no further. Send It By Text is the platform for you!"

Adam Rubenstein

"We have used this program for the better part of a year, and have found company production has increased. We are able to communicate immediately and more frequently as well as send documents for signature. This technology has helped ease the way we communicate with our clients. If your business is run on a need for constant communication, we know that this technology can and will deliver."

Christopher Ligori
Attorney, Founder at Christopher Ligori & Associates

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